About Us

Bipin Baloni is an online yoga teaching school that focuses
on helping boys adopt healthy lifestyles. We help young boys
to become healthy through yoga.

What We Do


We take a lot of pride in helping young boys become healthy, strong, and consciously aware teens. They eventually become healthy adults through the practice of Yoga. It’s not only fun for them to learn, but also beneficial with innumerable health benefits for them. This is what drives us to continue getting our word out and bring in as many young boys as possible to learn yoga.

It was truly an experience of all the senses.

Enjoy the yoga classes with professional trainers.

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Anusara Yoga

This is a relatively new form of yoga invented in 1997 and widely practiced in America.


Iyengar yoga involves helping students get more focused while performing the asanas.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini has been shown to also have benefits of strengthening the nervous system and purifying blood.


“I have seen a lot of progress as he now has very good posture. He has also developed a lot of endurance and has improved his diet. Thank you teachers for the good job.”
Antonio Compbell

Student, Yoga Studio

“I have developed a lot of core strength and a toned my body, something that I am really proud of. Will continue with the classes for sure until I am of age to join an adult class.”
Helena Smith

Studio Manager, Yoga Studio

“He is now only slightly overweight and from our projections, he will soon be of healthy weight. The yoga practices and culture of health and awareness has really helped him change his attitude.”
Isabella Edwards Compbell

Studio Manager, Yoga Studio