We welcome all boys to take part in our Yoga classes. We do not discriminate on body sizes or athletic ability. We actually take pride in helping young boys that are struggling with weight and health issues to become healthier.

“I joined the classes because I wanted to be a model in the future and didn’t want to gain unnecessary weight. I have developed a lot of core strength and a toned my body, something that I am really proud of. Will continue with the classes for sure until I am of age to join an adult class.”

Peter Johnson

“My son started out with a lot of weight issues and he could not sit straight for long or walk long distances. I have seen a lot of progress as he now has very good posture. He has also developed a lot of endurance and has improved his diet. Thank you teachers for the good job.”

Cathy Smith

“My son was suffering from obesity. He is now only slightly overweight and from our projections, he will soon be of healthy weight. The yoga practices and culture of health and awareness has really helped him change his attitude.”  

Paul Peters

“I subscribed my son who had a lot of interest in yoga and he could not be happier with the classes and the teachers.”

Catherine Pepperoni

“I just love my teachers and how well they teach us different types of yoga.”

David Smith

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