Types of Yoga

To engage young boys and ensure they enjoy the full
benefitsof yoga, we teach them a wide variety of yoga
practices. Here are some of the yoga practices we teach
our young adults.

Hatha Yoga

This is the general type of yoga that focuses on posture. It is important because many of the people who find it hard to maintain proper posture such as adults started losing steps at a younger age. It is essential to teach our young ones and especially boys how they can maintain proper posture at a young age. This way they will be able to keep the practice even when they are adults.

In Hatha yoga, we teach our students the poses of yoga (asanas) and relaxation techniques. There are thousands of asanas to teach, and we introduce our students to as many of those that are safe and beneficial to them as possible.

Vinyasa Yoga

This is the type of yoga that is focused on increasing strength. Our young boys learn how to perform poses that require them to expend a lot of energy. As such they are able to build core, physical and mental strength.

Vinyasa yoga is beneficial for our young boys because it teaches them how to become strong men in the future, not only physically but also mentally.
It’s also important because it helps young boys to overcome problems such as obesity and overweight issues common in many teenagers today.

Kundalini Yoga

Also known as the yoga of awareness, we teach kundalini yoga to our boys to help become more aware and conscious. Kundalini yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and endurance while also ensuring that one achieves a high level of relaxation and awareness.

Kundalini has been shown to also have benefits of strengthening the nervous system and purifying blood. It ensures that our young ones stay disease free and healthy.

Anusara Yoga

This is a relatively new form of yoga invented in 1997 and widely practiced in America. This yoga practice borrows from different yoga practices and is heavily health oriented. It is important in keeping our boys healthy physically and even mentally.

The practice in anusara yoga focusses more on internal and muscular energy by tapping into the seven loop points in the body that balance and align.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga involves helping students get more focused while performing the asanas. Yoga students focus on the structural alignment of the body. This yoga is all about precision, sequence and use of props.

Young boys are taught how to perform the sequences one asana at a time. This kind of yoga helps them to become more aware of their entire body structure and develop strength, flexibility, stability and awareness.