Why Your Kids Must Start Learning Yoga Today

Mobile devices, television and video games have redefined fun for kids today. Parents are also busy with work and tight schedules, making it hard to get kids out for physical activities.

Children experience various social, emotional and physical conflicts or challenges in life. For example, they experience intense pressure to excel in academics and competitive activities, leaving them stressed or depressed. This is where yoga comes in to help your kids in various ways.

Yoga is beneficial for adults and kids alike. Your kids gain a broader outlook and knowledge of life. An intentional and committed yoga practice that includes behavioral guidelines, techniques for breathing, and physical postures can offer value to kids.

What’s more, your kids can practice yoga anywhere and develop inquisitiveness and self-discovery from varied poses, focus, breathing, and how they learn to react to situations. Yoga is also portable and requires no special pillow, clothing or even mat.

Yoga classes can help your kids develop self-respect and self-esteem. During yoga practice, kids experience focus and play without the fear of making a mistake or doing something wrong.

Kids who avoid group or physical activities for the fear of being picked last or failure would enjoy doing yoga. It’s also great for children who’re into athletics to excel in other sports and physical activities.

For example, if your kids already play basketball, they’ll benefit from practicing yoga. Even if your boys are learning how to play golf and you’ve got them more affordable training options such as a DIY golf simulator, they can benefit from yoga.

Furthermore, yoga imparts core values such as truthfulness, non-harming, cleanliness, moderation, self-discipline, and gratitude in kids. Here’re a few reasons your boys must begin practicing yoga today:

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Yoga to Improve their General Wellbeing

1) Better coordination and balance
Coordination and balance are integral aspects of yoga, helping kids to develop dexterity. Specialized yoga techniques such as finger yoga can help your kids to develop fine motor and gross coordination skills.

Balancing poses foster physical and mental strength, which in turn boost stability and mental clarity.

Learning physical and mental balance allows kids to remain calm whenever they fall and get up to retry balancing. Your kids develop a sense of accomplishment as they enhance their physical balance.

2) Improves physical flexibility
Yoga engages body muscles in various ways, allowing kids to develop physical strength. Every pose done while sitting, standing or lying down engages different muscle groups to help your boys develop body awareness and its efficient functions.

3) Improves concentration and focus
Yoga poses clear kids’ minds, allowing them to focus on their physical efforts. When your kids focus on a specific pose or remain balanced, they develop concentration and focus skills. In turn, these skills are handy in academics, helping your boys focus in their studies to get improved grades.

4) Strengthens the connection between your kids’ minds and bodies
Yoga involves calming the mind and exercising the physical body to obtain a sound body and mind. Every parent wants kids to behave with lots of compassion, mindfulness, and braveness, atop finding inner peace, happiness and love.

The modern world is too fast-paced for kids. As a result, they’re subjected to parental, personal and social pressures to keep up with everyone and everything around them. Acting as a release valve, yoga allows kids to relieve the pressure they feel growing up. Your boys can also nurture and build resilience and resourceful mind, body and spirit.

Kids with special needs can also benefit from yoga. Studies reveal that kids with ADHD or autism can gain from practicing yoga. A daily yoga program can reduce social withdrawal, aggressive behavior and hyperactivity in kids with special needs. Yoga poses reduce stress and enhance the strength of children with autism. Additionally, yoga addresses poor motor coordination, high anxiety levels, and weak self-control, things kids with autism often struggle with.

5) Improves confidence and self-esteem

The experiential nature of yoga allows kids to develop confidence. With a strong sense of self and wonder developed through yoga, your kids gain the building blocks they need for a good future. They learn their place in the community and world at large, and contribute towards making them a better place.

During yoga practice, kids learn patience, perseverance, and goal achievement. With guidance from a yoga teacher, your kids must work hard to achieve their goals. Children who’re able to master poses gain self-esteem and confidence in themselves. Synonymous to “prehabilitation,” yoga is a tool for developing focus, compassion, strength, mindfulness, generosity, and flexibility. It’s a proactive action your boys can take to fight sickness or instability.


Although you may realize the benefits of yoga for your boys, they’re better placed to make the best judgments. Children who’ve practiced yoga for several years report better focus and concentration on activities and tasks, and during the day. If your boys haven’t began their yoga classes, sign them up for one soon.

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